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Day 2

Captains Log Day 2: Good morning Goose! I took a picture of the morning glories you sent to me. Backstory (because you always need to have a backstory) : when we were on vacation I saw some morning glories and I said how mine never came back this year. Yesterday morning, I was on my back porch wandering aimlessly, looked down and I saw the beautiful flowers my Goose sent me from heaven. I caught one this morning and that is the one in the photo.

Council Meeting Minutes: I started the meeting off by introducing everyone to Frizzle. Then went around the circle and introduced each member one by one. I shared with them the names you came up with (so much better than the one I did). This morning I came up with Rocky's but I think you whispered it to me, because it was more clever than I could think of. His gamer name is RockyRoad052680. I came up with the numbers, but I think you sent me the name. So I made him a name tag as well, I had them all bump noses kind of like a fist bump, but for animals. I'm hoping you would approve of how I conducted the meeting. I explained to the gang that I'm just filling in. Oh and then I tried to introduce Frizzle to the whole rest of the room, but, you know your Moose I couldn't remember most of their names. You always knew their names.

The other picture of the pileup of stuffies is one day he was looking something up on his phone. I decided to be an ass and started one by one putting them on top of him. He loved my silly ways, and so he sat there while I put every single stuffed animal I could find on top of him and took a picture. He thought it was so funny, he made me send the pics to his phone so he could have them. He loved pictures.

Ok, so Goose I'm going to try and start the day here. I made my coffee, and am going to try and watch funny cat videos so I don't go insane and jump off the roof. I will talk to you later sir, please walk beside me every day, you need to hold me up now.

Love you always, always Moose

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