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Morning September 20

Captain's Log: Good morning Goose! (Good morning Moose!) lol, ok so Flogging Molly is on with a song called "Laura", I really hate hearing my name in a song it's just weird. I woke up with another stupid sinus headache, this weather needs to figure itself out. I cleaned up the Lego mess I made in your room, still can't find the puzzle pieces I was looking for. I went to make today's activity and oddly enough you didn't have any scotch tape or paper clips. How is that possible?! I used the pink paper since we have more of that than any other color.

Activity #4 (five bucks says I forget eventually what number I'm on) I had to make a continuous loop with paper called a something or other that I of course forgot. I drew a line all the way around and because it was a continuous loop the line was on the front and back! Science! Lol, so then I had to go from point A to point B (in the video to follow). I think tomorrow's activity is similar to this one, but slightly different.

This is you on crazy hair day in 4th Grade. I love that you weren't afraid to be crazy and do silly things. You didn't care what people thought and that is something that not many people can say. Then 2 days later, here's you looking quite dapper in your new haircut.

I love you XOXO Moose

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