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Evening September 19

Good evening sir, today was talk like a pirate day! So I did what you would do with your phone and asked the assistant (mine is Cortana not Siri) a bunch of pirate related stuff. This evening I almost auditioned for a play, but they were looking for people with actual experience. Which is fine, after I saw the rehearsal schedule I don't think the puppy would appreciate all of that time away. That being said, on my drive back home my mind started to go to a very unhealthy place. Look I'm not going to sit here and lie to everyone. Just because you see me smiling or laughing even, does not mean that in my head I'm not wishing I were dead. No, I would never do anything stupid (can't get to heaven that way), but my reality is everyday is another day I'm here and you're not. It's a countdown clock in my head of one more day, one more day. Maybe one day I won't feel that way, but tonight I did. So yes, I was getting angry, it started to sprinkle and then I saw a rainbow in the distance. I stopped to take a photo of it at the plaza, it was faint but I saw it. I also gave a young man some change. I told him to go do something positive in this world, because that's what my son would do. I pointed to your nickname on my car, and said that's what my Goose would do. Then as I was leaving the plaza there was a flock of geese over head flying over my car.

The first photo is you at the rooftop lounge in NYC a few Christmas' ago. It was when we had that 70 degree December weekend, we just happened to be in the city for it. We stayed at Pod 39, and it was super cool. The room was a closet, but interesting it was perfect for us. The two best parts were the Foosball table in the lobby (which I think you won), and this rooftop lounge. There was like no one up there, and you and I got to just go up there, chill, and look at the city lights. We could see the Empire State Building it was just amazing. At some point I took you to the Discovery Center. We liked going there they have some really cool exhibits there. This one was of course Star Wars, and it was all about the costumes from the movies. It was way more interesting than I thought it was going to be. We had such a great trip that time, oh who am I kidding, name me a day we didn't enjoy?.....(I can hear you wise guy, ok except days we were sick, or stuff like that).

Also, in case you thought I didn't notice I know my Pandora was set to FUN radio before I left the house. Now it's on Blaggards radio. Sneaky Pete.

Goodnight Goose "Goodnight Moose" See you in the morning "See you in the morning" I love you Goose "I love you Moose" Always, always? "Always, always/"

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