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Morning September 18

Captain's Log: Good morning Goose! (Good morning Moose!), I had another dream with you in it. This one was weird and all over the place though so it wasn't very emotional. At one point I got to hug you again though so that's pretty sweet. You were a younger you, but still it was nice. Before D-Day (sorry WW2, lol wait is that right? ....yeah I think so, you would know this stuff!) so before D-Day I probably only had a dream about you twice in 11 years. Now you (or a version of you) is in them almost every night. It is not even close to the real thing, but if get to at least see you somehow I'll take it.

Council Meeting Minutes: Well it's Monday, back to business as usual. Jerry did the roll call and the council went over some button issues. The crew would like to start taking trips off the bed soon, maybe even call a truce with the Lego folks and have outings. "Further details as the situation warrants." Then they decided to start a game of Ring Around the Rosie, I didn't have the heart to tell them most of them can't really "all fall down".

Activity #3 Almost Epic Fail. The first page with the stupid red teapot I couldn't get it to resemble any of the shapes listed (which you will see in the video, which I have to go upstairs and post from your I almost quit, but Lego Goose and ..... ok your dude needs a name...Bruce! Bruce and Goose and Moose! This is why I adapt to children, I am such a dork. Ok so Lego Goose and Bruce talked me into trying the second image and I got one! I think tomorrow's activity I will have better success with since it is NOT using that stupid mirror.

I miss you. XOXO Moose

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