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Morning September 17

Captain's Log: Good morning Goose! (Good morning Moose!). So I decided to go out last night and do some things that I would normally not do. I told you about the bereaved Mom I was reading about that after her only son passed, decided to start doing things she had never, or normally wouldn't have done. Wouldn't you know it I had a great time. I had a mild anxiety attack before the show started in the bathroom. I suddenly felt like the worst person in the world, here I am going out, having fun and you can't. Then I realized that the event I was at, was for a memorial scholarship fund, and that the Mom was there having a good time. I know those moments are going to happen, guilt is just a part of surviving a tragedy.

I was talking to you this morning after me and Lego Goose, oh! I found your Lego guy that I was talking about yesterday. Lol, I wonder if people have caught on that yes, I type what I'm thinking side thoughts and all. So I found the guy that you made for adventuring. I find it hilarious that when I took a closer look you chose a guy with a smart vest, tie and a pocket watch. I chose Darth Vader for you. I think that about sums it up: Goose = Lego, Star Wars, and 80 year old Refined Gentleman. I couldn't find the baseball cap that you had on him, I kind of made a mess in your room, don't worry I'll clean it up. So instead for now I gave him a bowler hat, he looks pretty sophisticated. Anywho, so I was talking to you this morning, and I said "well I know you loved me sooooo much, thank God I know that, and when you love someone you don't want them to be unhappy even if you can't join them in the moment", or something to that effect. I have to try and believe that you would want me to do things, and laugh, you will always be a part of me, so in spirit (see what I did there), you are doing these things too.

Ok so today's activity was with the mirror again but this time I was supposed to make a face in it. Well I look like crap this morning so there's no way I was taking a picture of myself. However one of the options was a headless monster, I went with that one. There is a great website called and you can search for places/restaurants/activities that are dog friendly in the area. I think I might do that today, we'll see how that goes.

XOXO Moose

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