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Morning September 15

Captain's Log: Good morning Goose! (Good morning Moose!). Oh I had such a good dream last night sir. I know it was just a dream but it was just great, because you were in it! You and I were in like an open mall kind of place. It was crowded but we managed. We were picking out books that to me looked like those big over-sized coloring books that we have gotten in the past. The we walked over to a deli counter, of course, and you said to the lady "Mommy wants some soft potato salad", lol I didn't know there was a hard version. Anyways, she started to get mouthy and said something negative about me, you being a constant gentleman just turned and walked away. Boy I'd hate to be a person now talking crap about me, sudden onslaught of pigeon poo on their cars, locusts taking over their house, etc., I bet you'd get creative. Anywho, so then we got a small antipasto which makes total sense that was one of our favorite things. We were walking around with our trays and I was asking you something about Cape Cod and Maine, and you said "I'm just a stupid kid what do I know?" I grabbed you, hugged you tight and said "Goose, there's nothing stupid about you ever", you laughed and said "yeah, I know". You little wise acre!! Lol always pulling my leg! So it was a very nice dream, I got to hear your voice and give you a hug I woke up feeling those little floofy hairs under my chin and your arms around my waist. It will never replace the real thing, but I'll take it!

So I have decided to take on my own variation of "Flat Stanley" and made a "Lego Goose". You my dear, were never ever flat. No one could be more 3D than you, so why not make a Lego version. You were the one that told me about "Flat Stanley" so I think you would be ok with this. I found the regular Darth Vader body, not the Santa Vader that would be too weird. Plus your hoodie was the Darth Vader top, and you loved black track pants. I found the nicest peach head I could find and a smooth piece of hair. Lol, you loved to smooth your hair down after your shower, so I thought this nice smooth piece was perfect. I gave you a backpack because you always tried to be super prepared. I also gave a water cup, because you have water bottles all over the place. Now on my adventures, I will bring Lego Goose. So instead of talking to you in heaven looking insane, I will be talking to a Lego piece. Yeah that's better.

You and I had gotten a book of 25 activities I think at a book fair last year or at Lake Garda I can't remember. We did a few of them, but never finished. So Lego Goose and I are going to start from the beginning, and finish the book. Today activity #1 was the Wobble Stone (video to follow, I hate that I can't do pictures and videos in the same post). You and I had done this one before, but we must have used a table or something because I barely got this thing going you'll see in the video.

XOXO Moose

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