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Evening September 15

Good evening sir, today was pretty productive and I got out and about today. Did you ever have a mess that after evaluation decided I don't really know how to clean this, and I wish I had an adult present? Yeah, well I went to dinner with Uncle Toughy and Leia pooped in the crate. I stood there for a moment, almost threw the crate away because that would be the easiest most sanitary solution. Then I was like nope, I'm going to find my inner adult and handle it, so I did. Go Moose! I am currently eating chocolate cake....kind of a gross coincidence.

I believe these pictures where one time when we hiked in Devil's Hopyard. Don't let the name fool you, there is some beautiful hiking there. Lol, I love the second photo where you are clearly making a case for something. You sooo would have made an amazing lawyer.

I did ok, except when in my car for some reason it hits me really hard there. Probably because of the music, but you know me I can't ride in silence. There were a few songs that did me in, and the teenage boys at the Redbox just now were looking at me like wtf?? Although, shame on them for not asking if I was ok. Respect the elderly!!! Lol kidding, I love that you always made me years younger than I am, and you always said I still looked like a teenager.

Going to go spend time with Leia before she starts a protest of her own.

Goodnight Goose "Goodnight Moose" See you in the morning "See you in the morning" I love you Goose "I love you Moose" Always, always? "Always, always."

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