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Evening September 14

Good evening sir, well I shouldn't have jinxed it. I knew I had to go run errands downtown, I should have known that would be painful. A few months ago you and I were running around volunteering for Marketplace in the street late on a Summer night. I sent in our Acadia Quest form for this year, I figured you would have wanted me to finish it since this year we actually did the whole thing. Those quests gave us the opportunity to see parts of MDI and Acadia that we never even knew of, and I'm thankful for that. It also gave us the need to have many selfies together, so I'm extra thankful for that.

I couldn't get the photo of the treasure chest to upload this morning for some reason, but it made me laugh. I was looking for those puzzle pieces, and I thought maybe in nope it was just a second empty treasure chest. What the heck? Lol Every year we went up to Maine I looked for something with "Neil" on it. For some reason, there were names that I never even heard of, but no Neil. Two years ago there was something but it was a pocket knife. I couldn't in good conscience get you a knife just because it had your name on it. Wouldn't you know it, this year, same company came out with wooden pens. Low and behold the last thing I ever bought my son was a wooden pen with his name on it. Thank goodness you saw me buying it, so you knew. I finally found one, and now it sits on my desk. There was one thing I bought on the trip that you didn't get the chance to see. I had left it on your bedroom floor that night as a surprise for you to open in the morning. It was a Star Wars edition of a magazine that you saw in a store. I said no, but if you wanted to buy it with your money you could. Well as the trip was winding down, I knew you weren't going to buy it, so I snuck over and grabbed it when you weren't looking. I can't bring myself to read it, so I put it in the library for now. Maybe someday I will.

Many years ago you had given me a card, you were really little because normally you would just make me one. In this card there was an "award" to cut out and save. You were so proud of giving me this award, I could see it on your face. So I of course, never wanting to let that smiling face down, super glued it to the steering wheel of our old car Peg. Then a few years ago Peg got retired and we got Fiona (yes as in Princess Fiona from Shrek) and I kept the award up front with me. Today I bought superglue and it is now back on my steering wheel, so that I can see it every day. When I'm feeling down, I can know that my son my sweet little Goose said I'm the Best Mom Ever, in so many more ways than one.

XOXO Moose

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