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Morning September 11

Captain's Log: Good morning Goose (Good morning Moose). Well I'm not angry today, sad but a manageable sad. I have found a possible new quest. I have requested that the Foothills Trader never show up here again. The lady on the phone (who's day I'm pretty sure I just ruined, sorry) said it would take about 14 days to get off the list. I wanted to say I never put myself ON the stupid list, but she's not the one who did it and I hate when people yell at me for stuff I had no control over. That being said. I have marked down the 14th business day, yes business day, on my calendar. If that stupid paper shows up here after that...Towanda!!!

Council Meeting Minutes: Today the council and my team decided is a horrible day to have a battle. So in remembrance of 9/11 they put down their signs and weapons and are coming together in peace. Just for today though, tomorrow it is on!

I ordered the decals for Fiona, I got them in metallic silver, why not have matching accessories. They should be here next week. I almost got a decal of Darth Vader's head and it's meant to go in the back seat window as though he were riding back there. Knowing me, I would forget that I put it there, scare the crap out of myself, and crash the car. So that's a nope.

XOXO Moose

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