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Morning September 10

Captain's Log: Good morning Goose! (Good morning Moose!) woke up with a headache today. I have this uber depressing song playing on a loop in my head and I really need it to go away. It's called "Our Farewell", I never really liked it before, and now I kind of hate it. It's sweet, but it is certainly not helping. Today I am thinking of taking the puppers for a walk, the thing is she's like a toddler. After about 5 feet of walking she gets tired and starts resisting. Lol, when you were little I practically had to pull you into the woods for a small walk. Now we were making big plans to hike Mount Washington, and beyond. Were. Past tense. I miss you. Yesterday I decided to get motivated, it was a quick burst but I did it. I finally cleaned off the kitchen island which was no longer visible, and finally dehydrated some stuff. I did the remnants of a pepper, two trays of different types of tomatoes, and lastly I even did a watermelon. These were taken one time when we went to Quassy. I know I have video of us doing the paddle boats somewhere, another thing to hunt for. We always enjoyed going to Quassy, it was just the right size. During the week it wasn't too crowded, and we bought the all day pass so we could just keep going ride after ride. We liked the new Wooden Warrior coaster, remember that one day we must have ran back through it like 15 times. There was very little lines at that time. Your Mother may or may not have shown you a shortcut.....

XOXO Moose

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