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Morning September 8

Captain's Log: Good morning Goose! (Good morning Moose!) I had no dreams to speak of last night, but I feel like I actually got some sleep so that's good. I joined a beginner stained glass making class next month, trying to find things to keep me occupied. I can't spend however many years I have on this planet watching The Office and Friends 24/7.While I do find them amusing, I find myself mouthing along with all the episodes now. One day I will go back to hiking, I'm not there yet, and neither is Leia. You and I were going to do the Appalachian Trail when you had summers off from college. We were gonna chip away at it from Georgia to Maine. I may still do that one day, but for now, I only take solace being in my house. I force myself out once a day, and eventually I will up that to longer outings. The problem is the heavy feeling on my chest the further from home I get. One day at a time.

Council Meeting Minutes: Ok. So. Army Smurf apparently cut a deal with Jerry during the night, not sure what that reindeer could offer that is better than a treasure chest but he managed it. I think Jaspy has inadvertently joined my team. He seems to hang with us more than the council, so I'm recruiting him whether he likes it or not. Somehow I also gained a creeper (is that right?). So my team has started the march toward the council. Lol, I wonder how long before the council realizes all they have to do is jump off the bed and crush my team. Sidenote: this guy is smiling a little too much, I wonder if he's related to Terry....

Stay tuned! XOXO Moose

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