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Morning September 7

Captain's Log: Good morning Goose! (Good morning Moose!). I feel a little better today than yesterday. I had another dream about you. Monday night I had a dream, that I think might have been what people call a connection. Your Dad and I were in a medical type room and you were on a table. Not a real one though, it was one that would be in a sci-fi type movie of course. You started having a seizure and I could physically feel the panic rising up in the back of my head. Suddenly, everything and everyone stopped. You rolled your eyes (as if to say "Geeze Moose"), looked at me and said "Moose I'm fine", you clicked a remote that was in your hand and I woke up. Last night was not a connection, it felt like a dream, but it was nice just the same. I got to hug you, and I could see your little foofy hairs and I smooched the top of your head. So thank you for that, I woke up not feeling so much in despair as I was yesterday. Lol, what is it you used to say "I will update as the situation warrants?" Something to that effect, my silly Goose.

Council Meeting Minutes: Talks with Army Smurf are not going according to plan. He is hesitant to join our group because he and Jerry kind of go way back. So we are trying bribery, everyone has a price. The rest of the troop is finally assembled on my side. Terry has been replaced, he just looked too mental. So now Rolf is the second to Ralph he seems to be more on task, and so Terry is now riding the snowcat. The group was kind of falling apart this morning, but I think they're just antsy to start the battle. This one guy in the back kept saying "it's a trap!", which the dinosaur was like ??? One guy hit another guy with his lightsaber by accident, and Christmas Vader gave a throat hug to that guy for looking at him wrong. I think tomorrow whether Army Smurf joins us or not, we march!

XOXO Moose

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