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Morning September 6

Captain's Log: Good morning Goose ("Good morning Moose"), no exclamation points today it's so gray this morning I didn't want to get out of bed. It's so hard to read the statement a Celebration of the Life of....I hate the fact that we're celebrating you in the past tense. I know you'll always be with us, but it is soooo not the same. I love the storm yesterday/last night though nice job! The plants are going to love you too now!

Council Meeting Minutes: Ok. So Ralph immediately got promoted this morning, even though that dude has some crazy eyes going on. Terry, the ex-leader (lol, I wonder how long before I forget these names?) took the news a little too well, I think he's in denial. I'm keeping an eye on him, especially since he still has his weapon. We don't want him going all Rogue (see what I did there) on us. The rest of the team has straightened up from yesterday's festivities and are ready to march. Here's the problem, Jerry took his place at the head of the council. Jerry, could sit on my team and that would pretty much be it. So....I have sent reinforcements over to Army Smurf! (I realize that is not his name, I don't remember his name, but he is wearing the Army hat Jeffrey gave you so Army Smurf it is for now). I think that with his help this will help balance out the playing field.

Stay tuned!

Backstory: For those of you who are new to the world of Moose and Goose, we had a hamster his name was Rogue. We got him at PetSmart in Plainville after Goose took me to see Rogue 1. Then when we got him home, he got loose for about 10 minutes and then we captured him. About a month after that (during the elections) the little bugger decided to go under the fridge which we decided he was defecting and we declared it as "New Canada". Signs were made in protest and put on the fridge

*Disclaimer* if anyone makes any political statements on this page about my signs and you will be blocked, also the wrath of Goose's Warriors will be bestowed upon you.

We're all about making signs here. After about a week (I put down food don't worry) Jasper chased him out and we finally got him back in his house.

XOXO Moose

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