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Mid-Day September 5

Mid-afternoon thoughts: Hi Goose, just got back from your school. That sucked. Going there, without you, seeing it all was like a stab in the chest. A few months ago you and I were playing tennis in the tennis courts, we found a free ball. Before school had ended, I asked you to take me for a walk around the entire grounds, and show me where Running Club went. There was no part of your life that I didn't want to know about. Not because I'm nosy, but because I was genuinely interested in you and your life. What I can say is it is nice to know how many people loved you, and everyone that has ever met you will never forget you. I heard this on my iPod as I was driving: this was the first song you and I heard together ever. We were still in the hospital, and for some reason this came on. I still remember holding my little bean with that dorky striped hat they give all the babies.

I was there when you came into this world, and for some messed up (see I made it G-rated) reason, I was there when you left.

XOXO Moose

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