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Evening September 5

Good evening sir, what a storm we had here tonight! I slept through the one a few weeks ago, so if this one is from you thanks! That picture is of you running around like a crazy person during a rain storm one day. It had just started to rain and you were like heck with it, I'm gonna get wet! So we laughed as you ran all over the backyard getting soaked.

My revelation that I am going to be a stormtrooper, I don't think I will look as boss as you did at the Big E! This was in the Connecticut building (you know, the best building and it has the chocolate covered bacon!!). We played with the Legos of course, and even got to take home a Lego cow each. Over in the corner was this Stormtrooper (or clone trooper, some kind of trooper) and you were wearing your hoodie that had the cool zip up instant mask.

Jasper keeps going into your bathroom, he misses his buddy. We all do. Sorry I posted you in your jammies, it's just too adorable of a photo not to!

I am hoping tomorrow my team can get their act together to face the council. We shall see....dun dun duuuuuun!

Goodnight Goose "Goodnight Moose" See you in the morning "See you in the morning" I love you Goose "I love you Moose" Always, always? "Always, always."

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