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Morning September 4

Captain's Log: Good morning Goose! (Good morning Moose!). It's Labor Day today, normally we would probably be doing a bbq down at Auntie Jena's while you and Jeffrey played all day. We would have a laugh over how much food you eat when we're over their house as apposed to anywhere else. Jeff would attempt to scare me several times, and also see if I noticed anything new. I miss you Goose, I miss you every second and I know I will until it's my turn.

.........Airplane food, am I right?

Council Meeting Minutes: It is almost as I feared, a militia IS forming on both sides. However, admittedly the council seems to be much more organized than my team across the room.

Here's the problem, the party barge was left behind unattended and it's Labor Day. My General (that's a leader guy right?) is standing his ground with his...(guys in line after General). Some of the team though is trying to figure out where Ralph got the enormous weapon he is holding, it's bigger than he is! The back of the crowd took notice of the party barge and the party starting over there.

There's a DJ table (you created), drinks are being served and more people are climbing aboard. There's even a guy tickling the ivory's (again you created), while some guys break dance. It looks like a pretty fun party is starting there, so I can see why my team would get distracted and rather be doing that. I would always rather have fun than doing anything serious, so that makes sense.

I will report back on these events later.

XOXO Moose

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