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End of Day 10

Good evening sir, today was kind of rough. I miss you, I am tired of missing you already. How the hell am I supposed to live the rest of my life missing you? This is total crap, you should be missing me not the other way around. I want to see your smile, hear you laughing. I want you to play with your Lego's and make a dirpy face (still not even sure what that means). So yeah, today was rough. I am hoping I can cope better tomorrow. It doesn't help that the four legged beasts have been fighting ALL day.

Ok re-group.

Lately the weather has been feeling like photo #1. You and I were walking to Hardcore Sweets to get cupcakes that day. You were wearing the scarf that Uncle Toughy made you to look like a Gryfindor scarf. I would rather the weather be like that in picture #2, you and I were at the driving range knocking out a bucket of balls. Lol, stop it. You are at the age where that is funny.

The photo of the post-its you made one time when you were at Midas hanging out with me. That is you and I as snowmen holding hands. I wish I could hold your hand.

Last one is the flower pot you decorated for me one year for I believe Mother's Day. I always treasured my homemade gifts, and I am glad I have so many of them. Especially since I won't be getting them any more.

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer tonight, just missing you like crazy.

Goodnight Goose "Goodnight Moose" See you in the morning "See you in the morning" I love you Goose "I love you Moose" Always, always? "Always, always."

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