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Day 10

Captain's Log: Good morning Goose! (Good morning Moose!). I keep hoping to wake up to you standing by my bed patting my head giving my cheek a smooch. My little old man, rising with the sun, while your Moose sleeps like a teenager. You have a matching red & black checkered bathrobe/slipper combo that we used to laugh about, you really were an old guy. Since it is the weekend there is no council meeting today. Not that I think there would be one since there is a battle brewing.... I forgot to re-post the pictures that did not post yesterday with the song. The first one is you being silly showing off your VIP pass. We got there super super early and were waiting for the show to start. One of the opening acts was Halsey, we both agreed she was pretty awesome. The other one....well we still don't remember their names.

Next one is a sign we saw while walking in Philly trying to find Independence Hall area. People were looking at us like we were mental laughing at this.

During that weekend we did a bunch of stuff not just the show. One of them was going to the Philly Zoo, man was that place cool! I don't remember any zoo's when I was a kid, but this place was just huge! This was probably one of my favorite photos from that. Lol, that tiger cub absolutely photo bombed you! And the look on your face is just like whaaa?

Since it is a Saturday and I would normally be at Midas I thought of this picture. You and I used to spend many rainy days next door at the Barnes and Nobel reading "Elephant and Piggie" books, and playing at the train table. I still like "Elephant and Piggie" books, so do you, they are so cute and hilarious! Just like you Goose! Midas was your first outing with me, I was finally allowed to drive after you were born and so I introduced you to the guys. I have a photo (like a real one not digital) of me in my pregnancy moo-moo holding a very small you in the lobby. I'll have to scan that one sometime to post it. Remember when I went back to working Saturdays, I would bring your pack and play with me sometimes and set it up right there. There's even that car in the lobby with your name on it! You are everywhere Goose.

Ok going to end my morning post on a happy memory. Lol, the last photo is us in NYC. We went to the Discovery Center for an exhibit, I believe that one was the Titanic? I'll have to re-look into that we saw a few exhibits there over the years. It wasn't Harry Potter, that was the time before. Anywho, before you leave there is a cupcake stand right there. Even though it was early in the morning, I somehow justified us having cupcakes before lunch. You made such a mess, but I didn't care we had such a good time! We always had a good time didn't we Goose? Yeah we did :)

XOXO Moose

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