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Mid-Day 9

Hi Goose, I just got back from visiting down at Worx Branding, I did ok until Imagine Dragons came on. Backstory: I have always had music playing somewhere. When I was growing up Radio 104.1 WMRQ was my station of choice. When Goose and I would ride to school in the morning we listened to Fisch in the morning and play 1 Second Cinema. Anywho, when you were little you liked the band F.U.N and we saw them live. But then as you got older you and I really got into Imagine Dragons. So in 2015 we went to Philly and we saw them in concert. We had VIP seats, and an amazing time. The final song was "The Fall" and leaves started to fall from the ceiling, you thought it was just awesome. You knew every lyric, to every song. So when I heard that in the car I just kind of lost it.

Side bar not sure why there are these purple blocky names in this post...

"Maybe I'm destined to be distraught Always a reason Breaking me down to my knees in the dead of night I keep on praying to see the light, oh"

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