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Day 9

Captain's Log: Good morning Goose! I had a horrid, horrid dream last night. Which was really odd, because when my Dad died I had a very similar dream shortly after he passed. You had been kidnapped by this couple and they faked your death. There was a bunch of chaos, some more extreme weirdness and then the puppy woke up. In the dream you didn't look like you though, like not at all. And for some reason a candy bar is like really sticking out in my mind. Weird.


Council Meeting Minutes: I tried to calmly approach the protest lines to discuss moving forward with the project. I see more are joining in, they are such posers, they didn't even work on the project! So. I have decided to form a militia of my own! So far I found those two guys and the origami dinosaur (which I grabbed for you, even though I said no. I'm such a sucker for your cuteness). They have a very rebellious spirit! We are going to convene over the weekend and see if we can sign up some more troops.

Goose, I do believe this means war. Stay tuned!

Remember when we tried to make the Empire State Building out of Legos? Lol, we had so many random loose pieces and nowhere to put them. So we sat down and just started making a large block. Then we eventually realized we didn't have as many pieces as we thought, so that kind of stalled out but we had fun trying. I miss that. I miss having fun with you. You and I were always interacting with each other. As you got older that didn't change, it got better. I was able to see what you were interested in as you became a real person. I was checking out a couple of the things you "pinned" on Pinterest and one of the categories made me laugh, you named the board "pranks" and some of them were actually pretty funny.

Going to go visit WORX today, they all send their love and thoughts. I hope Leia doesn't pee in the car.

XOXO Moose

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