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Day 7

Captain's Log: Good morning Goose, happy first day of school! Oh wait...that's right you aren't going there today. Or ARE you? Don't play too many pranks on your friends, just because you can be everywhere now, doesn't mean you should spill the chocolate milk of kids that might have been jerks last year. Lol, nah never mind that doesn't sound like sound advice, go ahead, if they were mean to you just give their milk a nudge. Even better, eat their treats while spilling their milk! Can ghosts eat treats? Hmmm....ok if not spill milk ON the treats!

It is kind of heart wrenching to scroll down my news feed this morning. Smiling faces, new backpacks, all getting ready for another day. I am frozen in this day, and yesterday, and tomorrow. They're all the same. This "new life" I have been given sucks. Alright moving on, I knew today was going to be tough. I didn't realize just how much until I went to talk to the council.

Council Meeting Minutes: It is as I feared. Signs have been made, and lines have been drawn. I tried to reason with the guys and I think it just aggravated the situation. I think Brown Bear is going to have to re-join the council as my liaison and try to come to an agreement. As far as finding the Lego piece, I think that team is getting frustrated but are welcoming the distraction. No luck in the red Lego City bag, so today the guys are trying to concur their "Everest". Lol, lately whenever you would be eating something ridiculously huge you would say "this is my Everest!". The only thing we accomplished today is when I was looking under one of the Lego shelves, I found Rocky's actual tag that you made him. It must have been stuck to you or something. You gave him the name Top of the Rocky, which made me think of when you and I went to Top of the Rock in NYC. That photo with fog in the background is right before you got yelled at. Like Mother like Son, you got yelled at by a guard, and we laughed about it.

Got quite a few photos this morning, one of them is your first day of 3rd Grade. Why not, everyone else gets to post their kid going off to school today why can't I? The class photos are you in 3rd Grade your teacher Miss Glaude,

Ok gonna go for now and try not to lose it. I love you Goose XOXO Moose

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