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End of Day 6

Good evening sir, today mostly sucked. Tomorrow would have been your first day of 6th Grade. I wonder what teachers you were going to have, or which friends would have been in your classes. You liked school, and were looking forward to a new and exciting year. So many things you were looking forward to. The picture below is from the meet and greet when you were going into nursery school at the Burlington Academy. You all were planting mum's and the lady with you was one of your favorite teachers. I don't remember why the mums, but I thought since today was supposed to be your orientation, this was a fitting picture. Plus you were small and freaking adorable. The other two pics are from in front of the Big Dipper Ice Cream in Maine. Every year we would take your photo in that lobster. I'm sure I have an earlier one but right now, can't hunt it down. I have so many devices, and clouds, and albums to hunt through! The first pic is from 2013 and the second is from this year. That is the place that had the lobster ice cream, which one year you even tried a taste. Everyone loves you Goose, and everyone misses you. You made this world so much more colorful and exciting. Tomorrow is going to be tough I have a feeling, you should be getting on that big yellow bus. You should be carrying your new backpack with all your new supplies. I should be picking you up in anticipation of hearing all about your new school year. None of those things will be happening tomorrow and it breaks my heart.

On that sad note sir I am going to bed now.

Good night Goose "Good night Moose" See you in the morning "See you in the morning" Did you set all your alarms? You gotta get up early." "Yes Moose" Ok sir, well I love you "I love you too Moose" Always, always? "Always, always."

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