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Day 6

Captain's Log (lol don't start) : Good morning Goose! "Good morning Moose!" Wow getting a late start today thanks to technology, I swear to God if this damn computer doesn't shape up I'm throwing it off the balcony and you know I will! .....or down the basement stairs either way. Lol this is probably not great parenting but I remember you asking me once "when will I be old enough to throw things down the basement stairs?".

Council Meeting Minutes: It's looking grim. I started the meeting trying to talk to the gang but I think they are mad at their stand-in leader. If you could step in here and give them a pep talk that would be cool. Right now they are forming a protest and I fear signs are being made. They have stopped production on project #1 and I'm about to glue the whole damn thing together (or in the spirit of you - see what I did there - scotch tape it together). Thank you for the scotch tape roller your Dad gave it to me yesterday. When I look at it I crack up. You stole every ounce of: - scotch tape - white out - staples - stapler - pens - highlighters

Ok back to the council. Project #2 is also not going great, but that team is at least still willing to try. We had no luck in the flat pieces bin. So, we scrapped that and have moved on to the red Lego City carrying bag. I didn't think the piece would be in special pieces bin, I know if I asked you, you would say no that's more of a flat piece. So the hunt continues...

Some more photos for this morning are brought to us by the letter G! Lol, Mrs. Greene sent me some great photos this morning with you and the Odyssey team. She pointed something out that I don't know how the heck I never noticed this, you have the Harry Potter lightning bolt at the base of your hairline. I know right?! The next picture is of the Odd-o-bot TV that you made as part of the Odyssey project. Next up we have PIN TRADING!!! (insert audience applause). You and your Dad went crazy for the pins, as did everyone else there. I only got to see a little of it while I was there, absolute insanity. You were so cute, when you were done trading your pins, you helped your teammate Emma "negotiate" for her pins. You were always willing to help people out Goose, one of the many many things I love about you. After you guys did the first problem (spontaneous, not rehearsed problem), the crowd outside sprays everyone with silly string. You of course, made silly faces to go along with it. The last photo is you guys destroying it all after the rehearsed problem was done. You had a different shirt on because when you and your Dad got to Michigan it was realized that the shirt was back in CT. You didn't know I was driving out to surprise you, as you thought I was still unable to drive. Your Dad texted me to see if I could grab it but I was already in Pennsylvania at that point. That was a loooooong drive.

Ok, gonna try and start the day now and hope that my computer doesn't accidentally catch fire under my car as I run it over.

XOXO Moose

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