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End of Day 5

Good evening sir! Ok well before I throw the damn computer out the window I'm going to stop hunting for a specific video for tonight. Today was another day without you, I mostly got through it okay. I went down to the Main Street Marketplace meeting, I know you would have wanted me to go. Kris, Jay, and Ed had a nice tribute for you and said some really nice things. I of course cried a little, fell apart a little, and then pulled it together by the time I left. I was checking out the new office space that I will be working in, and it's looking really good! You would love the color!

Also I decided to stay with the theme of the night and post some pics of your first, and second year Main Street Marketplaces. I have videos of that too, however, every damn stupid thing in the clouds, and emails is just random numbers. So....I will hunt for those and eventually post them too.

Until tomorrow sweet Goose:

Good night Goose "Good night Moose" See you in the morning "See you in the morning" I love you "I love you too" Always, always? "Always, always."


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