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Day 5

Captain's Log (see I remembered): Good morning Goose! (Good morning Moose!) I have decided to stop putting the number of days though, I don't need a numerical reminder of how long you've been gone. I feel it everywhere, I don't need that too. Ok onward and upward So far this morning I have decided to try and be productive, it is way too quiet without you in the house. The silence is killing me, so I put on my Enigma station on Pandora, you know, the one you couldn't really stand. The funny thing is Goose, somehow this morning every other song (no joke) was a celtic song slow and fast mixes. Then one song came on that brought back such a happy memory I of course started crying. It was an Irish jig type song, this one wasn't the exact same but it had parts of it in it. When you were a baby, you and I would dance together up and down the hallway. I would be holding you, and your little hand, making up some goofy dance while you laughed and smiled. So thank you for that memory burst today, I don't have many of those from so long ago.

Council Meeting Minutes Well it's Monday, back to business as usual for the council. I started the meeting checking in on the metal BB-8 statue....things are progressing slowly. It looked kind of intense when I checked in, but I have been assured by Jerry that they will muscle through. Project #2, I have enlisted Jake the horse (wow not sure how I remembered that), and Moosey (totally made that up just now) to help with the finding of the missing Lego piece. I did what you hated (sorry) and dumped the flat pieces bin on the floor. I showed them what I needed, and am confident they will get the job done.

I am also posting a couple other pics this morning. One is you, your Dad and Carousel at a lighthouse (on the Cape?). Safe to say, everyone visiting Bar Harbor Maine when we were knows about Miss Carousel. The other was sent to me by Brayden's (he went with you to Odyssey) Dad. It is a pic of you kids before you got to Michigan. I am so so glad I forced myself to drive out there and surprise you. I would gladly endure any pain to see that smile on your face when you realized it was me running towards you.

Well for now I'm going to go, I need to go get our CSA bag and try to actually face the public. Lets see if I can do this without losing it.

XOXO Moose

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