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End of Day 4

Good evening sir, today was not great not gonna sugar coat it. I thought I was going to do ok, but being in the yard just reminded me of everything that we used to do out there, and everything you'll never do again. Then came the meltdown for a while.

Remember when we had a badminton net for like an hour, and then Uncle Don mowed it down with the lawn mower? Lol, we never did put up the new one he got us. Instead we would put a rake over the "crop circle" and use it as our net.

*the crop circle: Last year Goose wanted me to get a small wading pool. I said ok, but that if he really wanted this thing he would have to help take care of it. Did you know they're not lying when they say put that damn thing on level ground? He swam in it MAYBE twice, maybe and helped clean it I think once. Well after it dumped itself out on my lawn not once but twice (who's the sucker here?) I said that's it I'm done. When we finally finished the draining and removal of the stupid pool what was left behind can only be described as a crop circle. See below.

Jasper misses you by the way, whenever I go into your room to feel less like losing my mind, he follows me every time.

I also miss you. Duh.

What made me the most upset outside was later in the evening I smelled a fire pit, and heard kids in the area. It reminded me of that time you and I camped in the yard. We found some ideas online about making homemade lanterns in Tupperware containers, and a homemade fire pit with a flower pot. You and I got our stuff all set up, and made s'mores over the fire. It was a chilly night, but man was that fun. When we were done eating, we watched a movie in the tent like at the drive-in and went to sleep.

Going to go to bed for now, tomorrow is another day I have to survive without you.

Goodnight Goose "Goodnight Moose" See you in the morning "See you in the....oh wait I need a drink, and I better go to the bathroom again just to be on the safe side" Ok, hurry up.......

Ok and goodnight sir "Goodnight Moose" See you in the morning "See you in the morning Moose" I love you Goose "I love you Moose" Always, always? "Always, always."

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