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Day 4

Good morning Goose... {(Good morning Moose...) no exclamation points it's Sunday and I'm up waaaaaay to early)} Remember how you would let Mommy sleep on a Sunday morning? Well, ok let me rephrase that, remember how you would attempt to let Mommy sleep on a Sunday? Yeah well the puppy doesn't know that yet....grumble grumble grumble...

Since it is Sunday there will be no Council Meeting, as I don't think you ever held them on a Sunday. Usually you would play with your Legos for a while, and then a half hour of tablet games. I love that every time if you went over even a minute of that half hour, you would tell me the truth. I tried playing with some Lego's but I am still missing one of the pieces I am looking for (that is not the piece you were looking for) so maybe when I'm feeling up to it I will dig through the flat pieces bin. I have these moments where I am actually able to function. It's not that I forget you're gone, it's for a moment I forget you are never coming back. It's like oh he's at his Dad's, or at the Cape, or skiing. It's when I sit for too long and let my mind remind itself that Laura he's never coming back, that's when I start to lose it. I don't want to live my life without you. It was my greatest fear that one day you would be taken from me. Maybe that's why I held on so tight. Thankfully I held on to you just tight enough, I never wasted a moment. I gave you personal space (again usually on a Sunday morning), but then I was right there. You only knew of love sir, unconditional and undying love.

Wow. Ok bringing down the whole room here.

So today I really think I might take Leia out for a little ride/walk, I got her a fluffy bed for the passenger seat. Here are some pics to start the day. The first one is a quick "About Me" that you did in school. The second is a short story you wrote about the elevator in the Empire State Building. The last three are pics of a card that has been on my desk since I got it from you at work a few years ago. I have so many wonderful things to post that this should keep me busy for a long time.

For now Goose XOXO Moose

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