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Day 3

Captain's Log Day 3: Good morning Goose! ("Good morning Moose!") It's weird, when I talk I know what you would say. I can hear your voice, and I know that's what you would say. Anywho, sir, lol you picked out possibly the hardest toy EVER to figure out., I should not have tried this unsupervised so I had to hold a brief weekend special council meeting with the gang to see if they can help me. You know me, that thing was about to get thrown lol. See below, first it was just me reading this massive set of directions that seriously I don' t know how they thought a kid would do this. Then again if you were here you would have had it figured out in like 5 minutes, but you're brilliant, Moose needs caffeine just to put on pants. Daniel Tiger came down to try and assist but I think he was losing his patience with me.

Council Meeting Minutes: I started the meeting by apologizing to the guys for having a weekend meeting. They understood though after I showed them the task before us. Jerry is spearheading the mission, and I think Sparky and Snowball are going to assist him with this. The rest of the group is going to help figure out the ludicrous instructions to see if we can eventually have a BB-8 built.

Puppy News: I had forgotten what it was like to have a baby. Lol, except this one runs after me and eats my pants. You didn't do that when you were a baby, you tried to eat your crib, but never my pants.

Ok well that's it for now, going to try and post your weather report video from vacation this afternoon. You are so freaking adorable.

I love you Goose, Always always, Moose

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