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Morning September 12

Captain's Log: Good morning Goose (Goose morning Moose) I had a weird dream last night. You were in it briefly, but you were younger and running around in just a t-shirt. Which you would have never done, you were never a "nudey Trudy" lol. LMAO! Ok so remember the first time the "green monster" rolled through town (photo courtesy of Republican American, you knock on my door, I borrow your photo)? It was roughly around 8:45 because you were in bed having solo reading time before snuggle time. I was killing time on FB and saw people posting something about a "green monster" which I had no clue what it was. So I quickly hunted down online what the heck everyone was talking about and thought hey that's cool! For just a moment, the adult in me was like "but it's so late, he's in his jams already, he's got school tomorrow"....I was never really great at listening to the adult in my head. I go running upstairs, probably scared the heck out of you and said "come on lets go", you with your famous Goose "??" face followed by "I'm only in a t-shirt!" I said "who cares, you'll be in the car no one will even see you" I am pretty sure you thought I had finally lost it. So we drove out to Big Y parking lot and parked in my old BK drive thru which is now a bank. We waited and watched as that giant thing rolled on past us. It was cool, I don't care what anyone says we thought that was cool. Then I was like hey, if we drive fast we can go to McD's by KMart and see it again. You're like "lets do this thing!" We drove through the back streets and got down there with a prime spot facing the street. What we didn't know was that making the turn off Winsted Road, onto Main Street was going to take a bit. 20 minutes later though all the cop cars, and trucks started coming and we got to see it a second time. I think you got to bed significantly later than you should have but we didn't care. That was such a fun night, another Moose and Goose fly by the seat of our pants (ok yours were underpants but still) adventure.

Council Meeting Minutes: They win. The battle took all of about 15 seconds for Jerry to walk over and sit on the majority, followed shortly after by Snowball. I am back to figuring out the BB8 statue without the teams help. However, I saw that Jaspy was trying to defect to the other team, when I reminded him that I feed him. I think he is more willing to help now if needed. Tomorrow will be back to business for the council and my team need to clean up the mess they made.

XOXO Moose

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